Many historical buildings are composed of various types of masonry. Whether composed of brick, granite or another stone, these buildings need to be cleaned properly to maintain their original beauty. Inappropriate cleaning methods can cause more harm than good. There are many reasons to use chemical cleaning to restore masonry in construction. Here are just a handful of those reasons.

Remove Protective Coatings

If a building has been cleaned incorrectly in the past, it probably has some sort of protective coating on it. The problem with this coating is that the masonry is not able to breathe and release moisture properly. This is damaging to the stone.

Remove the Correct Dirt

Not all dirt on a building is bad. There are some soils that detract from the aesthetics and need to be removed, but it is not always the case that all dirt needs to be cleaned from the stone. A chemical cleaning team can test the soil and help determine the right amount of cleaning that needs to be done.

Restore Character

For those who are interested in the historical aspects of a building, a chemical cleaning can bring the original character back into the building.
Not all stone is the same, so it will not all be cleaned the same. Using chemical cleaners to restore masonry can ensure the stone is cleaned properly. call R.D. Woods to learn more about chemical cleaning.