Chimneys are often an afterthought when buying a home. We want to make sure the fireplace is functional and looks nice, but we often forget that the chimney is just as important. R.D. Woods Company can restore and refinish your chimney for whatever reason.


Chimney damage is an unfortunate side effect of many weather storms. From blizzards to thunderstorms, the chimney is in the line of fire. If your chimney has been damaged, you’ll need to repair it before using your fireplace again.


As your house ages, you’ll probably replace or repair numerous finishes; roofs, brick siding and gutters will need attention as the years wear on them. Your chimney also needs some TLC after a few years of weathering.


If you have recently updated your roof or masonry, you should make sure your chimney is also updated to match.
Don’t let your chimney go too long without tending to it. Call R.D. Woods Company at 414-238-6888 for masonry repairs in the Milwaukee area.