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R.D. Woods Company Work Gallery

Pabst Brewhouse

Chemical cleaning, masonry parapet rebuilding and tuck-pointing on this registereed historic facility on the Pabst grounds. 

Pabst Building 29

The historic restoration of Pabst Building 29 consisted of chemical cleaning, tuckpointing with stone and brick replacement and reconstruction. Over 250,000 reclaimed and reused brick were needed for the rebuilding of all parapets and chimneys. 

Pabst Church

The restoration of the Pabst Church included chemical cleaning, tuckpointing and Cream City brick replacement. The foundation stone was repointed 100% with a "Bead" joint which was the original configuration in the 1800's.  

YWCA – Madison, Wisconsin

100% repointing of all brick and stione surfaces with Type O Mortar.

MATC-C Building

100% repointing of all mortar joints in Kasota Stone with hydraulic lime mortar.

Iron Horse Hotel

Complete restoration, including chemical cleaning, tuck-pointing, rebuilding of all parapet walls and related historic restoration.

building restoration

Registered Historic Facility in Milwaukee’s Third Ward

Historic restoration, including parapet rebuild, chemical cleaning, tuck-pointing and rebuilding of arches above all windows.

building restoration